Thursday, January 04, 2007

No Excuse for My Absence

I love U2, but is anyone else out there sick of hearing about U2? But more specifically Bono? Dude, get a new set of your old glasses, grow your hair long, and take lessons from your previous work in the early 90's. Oh, and it might be time to stop putting out albums. And please please stop playing halftime shows! If I see one more I may have to jump out a window.

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Is Metallica Still Metal?

It seems that Metallica has 25 songs in the hopper for their next release, which the band says will be slimmmed down considerably. Ever since Jason Newsted left the band, the group has completely lost direction. St. Anger and Some Kind of Monster were lessons not in evolution of sound, but of sonic compromise. Apparently, Lars was quoted as saying the new album will have much the same feel as Puppets. Of course he needs to say that to try and get the most hardcore fans back on his side. However, if they convincingly recreate the same vibe as on Puppets or Ride the Lightning, then I will jump back on board. But right now, I'm not too keen on them. Please Please come back!

The band also rekindled their interest in that sound because they played the album in its entirety at several European shows over the summer. "Having to deliver Master Of Puppets for three months this summer definitely revitalized some of that stuff in us," he added. "It's been kind of fun having that in the back of our mind." (via FMQB)

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Music Map

Holy shitballs!

I'm no Electronic music aficionado. But if you love music history and appreciate the interlocking puzzle piece history of each genre, then this is the perfect site for you. It's almost too easy to sit for hours jumping around styles and eras, with awesome music examples. Highly addictive. Highly interactive. Ergo, it makes the perfect procrastination tool at work. Highly recommended and extremely educational.



Monday, December 04, 2006

Metal by Numbers

If the current state of metal has you choking yourself uncontrollably, then you will get some relief from this brilliant tongue-in-cheek video. It is aptly titled "Metal by Numbers." Sit through the whole thing, well worth 5 minutes of slacking..

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Hmm. The busiest travel day of the year, huh. People are such idiots sometimes, too often flocking like ignorant herds of sheep. Everyone knows today is pretty much the worst day to travel, especially flying. Yet, they will still book their tickets for the day before Thanksgiving. I don't understand. Why not just wait until early the next morning to travel? You'll sure as shit beat the traffic!

No appropriate segue to this, but it had to be presented. Before leaving work today, I was shown the mug of one Tony Ferrari. He is one creepy-looking motherfucker. Clear your mind for a moment and take a look at his cranium! Probably exacerbated by his doctors dropping him post-birth upon seeing his freakish nature. If his looks aren't enough to scare you, check out the mission statement on the website:

We are the Children of the Multiprismed Light and
we are here for you.
We're so glad you found us.
We've been waiting a long time.
We can promise you a cleaner, clearer, and more blissful way of life. Forget your troubles and unload your material trappings on our doorstep to join a family of love and understanding.

As a group, we are working together to form a new, more enlightened, way of living as the dawn of the 3rd millennium is upon us. Join us and eventually unfold the centuries old unspoken truths of our ancestors and how we are descended from majesty. Learn where we are going and how our new lives together will guide your ultimate destiny!!

Fuckin weirdos man. I bet it's some kind of cult and they're all dead by the end of the year. Mark my words, damn it!

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